MS Sport and Performance Psychology

Certified Mental Performance Coach


My mission is to empower athletes both to live and compete with sustainable, optimum mental health and performance excellence.


As a Certified Mental Performance Coach, I started K. CASTLE HEALTH to create a community where elite athletes could train their mind, using the latest sport psychology research, to reach their goals and potential.  I work with individuals and teams at the highest levels of their game to help them develop the necessary mental skills to both be and do their best as they pursue excellence. 


My research in sport psychology has greatly focused around Olympic silver medalists, looking at what it takes for people to try again after loss or setback.  My mental performance coaching work is focused on elite, professional and collegiate athletes, but expands to youth and student-athletes through MyHuddle, a virtual coaching platform aiming to make mental performance and mental health accessible for every athlete.


Another aspect of my mental performance coaching includes working with teams to create healthy team dynamic and team performance, utilizing the strength in the diversity of their athletes.  In this work I help teams gain insight and understanding of their athletes, and create strategies for team mental health, performance excellence, and effective team dynamic.  We work together to create sustainable plans for the development of the individuals and the team as a whole through values, goals, communication, positive psychology, and mental performance skills.


I am also a diversity in sport training facilitator, working with teams, coaches, managers and organizations to educate and equip their teams to understand the strategies and importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in all that they do.  


My philosophy approaches athletes as people first, and then as masters of their sport.  People are mind, body, soul and spirit, so each training session is geared to train the total athlete for pure performance.  My training and personal experience with performance psychology, mental health, team development, diversity, and as a former athlete and competitive coach allows me to approach mental game of each athlete with a total, lifelong perspective of them as a person, not just a performer.

I am based in California, but I provide my coaching and consulting services virtually to be able to support athletes all over the world.