What is your personal mission? Construct your own personal model for prime performance.

Finding clarity on your personal passion, personal beliefs and values, and personal mission is an essential foundational step to a life of excellence.

We all hold foundational beliefs. Whether or not we are aware and mindful of them is subjective to each individual, but these foundational beliefs will impact our performance and shape our lives. Start today by gaining an understanding of your foundational beliefs, so you can create a construction model to become your own best coach.

Follow the prompts below to find out your personal passions, beliefs, values and mission. Answer each of the questions as honestly as possible, without overthinking it. It's ok if it's not what you think it "should" be. Just write out what you know to be true at the core of who you are.

Ask yourself:

What do you value most?
What is really important to you?
What gives meaning to life?
What is defining about your life?
What are your most real and most basic priorities?
What guides you in making key decisions, or everyday decisions?

Now develop it a little further. Fill in the blanks below.

My intention is to....

develop a desire to....
develop the realization that nothing of any real value is ever achieved without...
develop a healthy attitude towards...
develop healthy behaviors and beliefs about competition by...
develop a spirit of...
develop self-confidence through my ability to...
develop the desire to have fun by...

Which of your answers above mean the most to you? Which, if any, surprised you? Which answer is most important to you? Which of the statement answers above feel richest and most vibrant to you? Which of these statements feels true and most pertinent to the season you are in? Let it become your blueprint and construction model for mental performance.

Now let that drive you.

Every decision.

Every action.

Let those passions, values and beliefs guide your steps.

Write it down. Make it visible. Reference it often, even daily. Highlight key words you can use as cues in your memory to quickly help guide your decisions and actions throughout your training and competition. You have all that you need to live out your highest potential, it just takes awareness, intention and courage to let it out and develop.

What we do will always come out of who we are.

Stay present.

Make a little progress each day.

Truly live each moment to let out the gold that is already within you.

You have what it takes.




Mental Performance Coach


Kelley Castle is based in the Bay Area, and is a Mental Performance Coach to collegiate, elite, and professional athletes in the United States, Europe and Australia. To contact Kelley for mental performance coaching, team workshops, or for more information on developing a construction model for prime performance, reach out to kcastle@kcastlehealth.com.