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My go-to all-around book for any athlete.  This book covers a variety of topics and ways to put them into action.

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Incredibly practical, this workbook will give you weekly CBT drills to build into your performance training to continue building a growth mindset.  It practically shows you how to use your mind to improve!

andre agassi open book image_edited.jpg

An incredible biography to gain insight into what it's like to be a high-performing, world-class athlete who doesn't necessarily like their sport (and is maybe even miserable in the process).  Great insight and incredibly honest and powerful.  

voice in sport foundation.png

Advocates for girls and women in sports, I love the work of Voice in Sport.


Short chapters that are great to read before or after practice, or on your way to away games.

sport psychology for coaches.jpg

Coaches are always asking me for a good book.  This is a great place to start, but know that it's a bit like a textbook (because it is!).  That being said, there are pointers and drills you can use every day of practice.

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I love the Mad Happy Journal for any athlete!  It has simple, but thoughtful prompts that are slightly different each day, is wonderfully designed, and great for journalers and also those who may not consider themselves a journaler.  The structure can be so helpful to help athletes process and understand where they are at with their own mental health.

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inner strength image.jpg

This book has takeaways on every page.  A must for any high-performing library.  It's in-depth yet easy to comprehend, empirical and yet practical.

a team of their own book image.png

When I first met Jeff Galloway years ago, I immediately noticed how down-to-earth he was and loved it.  He was also able to take something so challenging as a marathon and turn it into something possible and even exciting.  This book is a practical guide, and gives you insight into how a world-class marathoner thinks throughout his training.

10 min toughness image.jpg

As the name states, this book gives quick, practical ways to start building mental toughness into your life.

Part of the Stephen Curry Literati book club, this is an inspiring story of the South Korean Women's Olympic Hockey Team.  This is a fun read, and provides a great look at the challenges that occur on multicultural teams, as well as the challenges of incorporating new players, managing athletic administration politics, and coaching transitions.

JW NEW .png

Women's sports still get less than 4% of sports media coverage, and JWS is out to change that.  They are a clear, in-depth, easy to digest news source, and their twice weekly emails are a must-read.

happiness image.jpg

The most practical, effective, simple mindfulness workbook I have seen, with catching images to help you digest and apply the information along the way.

homecoming podcast dr thema.jpeg

A bit more in the mental health space than the performance space, but APA President elect Dr. Thema is full of insight and can be a great resource to inspire to bring your whole self to your sport, life and pursuits.

resilience book image.jpeg

A series of letters written from one friend to another who was struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression.  A beautiful, true-story, depiction of how powerful friendship can be in the middle of difficulty.

finding mastery podcast image.png

Always quality, this podcast is a great way to learn from the best.  Dr. Michael Gervais has very interesting guests in a variety of sports and industries, all pursuing mastery in their craft.  This long-form conversational podcast is great to listen to on the road or even while in recovery training.


Started in honor of the life of Stanford soccer captain and goalkeeper, Katie's Save welcomes interested parties, lawmakers, mental health experts, university and college leaders, to collaborate to ensure student safety and well-being.  

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